Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Granny Splash

A new Project recently came up from the lovely colander girls of Slaithwaite (our projects seem to be endless!)
And one lovely lady in particular Pam Wilkinson decided she wanted to do a children's book called 'Granny Splash and Walter Blue Wellies' in which a lovely little grandma makes a friend for life with some groovy talking wellies- and they play together in the snow and rain, and just generally have lots of fun! 

Anyhoo she asked if I could do the designs for it, and along with that she had some drawings that she would like me to incorporate too- already done by the fabulous kids from Neilds school in Slaithwaite itself. 

So here is the finished result... (and for my first ever bash at a book- I think its bloomin marvelous!)

If you are interested in buying a book, they are available from my shop and are £5. All proceeds go to Meals on Wheels Slaithwaite and help to bring a good home-cooked meal and some fab company to some of our local elderly folk- a really, really fab cause. 

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