Monday, 26 March 2012

Lovely times...

Seen as it has been such a beautifully glorious day today, and I have been out all day (not working!) wandering around the local canals and towns, I began having a bit of a look back over accomplishments this past year (You know how the sunshine gets you!)

As I sat outside the local deli in Slaithwaite, sun beaming on my face, I just had to feel really grateful to what a beautiful place it is here, and I noticed how little I have written about the local goings on!

I mentioned in previous posts about The Hairy Bikers and Slaithwaite Meals on Wheels (see below) and the success of it has really brought this town (and the Colander Girls) much closer!

(By the way- I totally just found this pic above online of the parade of our first meal. But whilst looking I suddenly saw my boyfriend's little face smiling back at me (in the middle next to the yellow flag) Haha, I don't know who's picture it is, but this is definitely going on my wall- priceless!)

Meals are still very much going (and growing at that matter!)And the Granny Splash book has been doing a marvelous job bringing in some extra dough for all the worthwhile elderly folk! So YEY and thankyou to eveeeeeryone who has supported us :)

I also noticed I haven't mentioned my house in a long time, and the last know picture was in a post I did ages ago! So you will see now how much it has changed!

The View from the Nook

Gaz's priced handmade possession

We even bought an apple tree!

Looking on at his hard work

And these pictures are from November, so loooads has changed since these too! We are hoping to be in my June, so I will be putting more pictures on about our development soon!

Thank you for taking a quick trip down memory lane with me, and taking a look at just a few of the things that have happened here (I haven't even got onto The Old Coach House yet!) But I will promise to keep updates coming!

I hope your day was as lovely as mine :D

Speak soon


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