Sunday, 22 April 2012

The House continued...

I've not done much on the progress of our house for a while, so these are the what nots on the happenings so far...
(in picture form)

The 6 barn doors we found in a SKIP! Handles and everything- Best find ever!
One of the doors with a first coat of primer on
The 'entertainment' centre
Our lovely kitchen lights we have been dying to put up!
Bargain of the century: Welsh dresser, farm house kitchen table and chairs and a brand new washing machine for just £150! 
The dresser with the first coat of primer
The dresser painted and waxed, so far this it totally my fave thing in the house!
Helpers, hard at work
Men 'fixing' things...
Still fixing things...
The House with it's newly cleaned roof and re-painted fence
Just one of the bags of moss from the roof!
Gaz still had time to make planters... (priorities!)
And some lanterns to match of course!
The foggiest day ever (perfect working conditions!)
Our doorbell!
Some brill scaffold boards we found on a recent trip to the reclamation yard- Would look ace as flooring!

We hope to be in by my birthday (June 21st) which would actually make it a whole year since we started it!
I have high hopes we'll be able to finish it, and I know that it will be completely transformed the minute the plasterboard starts to go on!
Me and gaz are thinking of having an early sleepover in it at the beginning of May- so I hope it at least has all the insulation finally put in by then!

Either way I will be definitely putting up more pictures when it's onto the best bits- decorating :)

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday x


  1. It all looks amazing! Don't have the sleepover on the weekend of the 5th-7th of May cause I won't be able to go! But do come up to because I will be there and I think you would enjoy it! xx

  2. Steph so proud of you and gaz, your creativity and imagination are inspiring. You have been working so hard the pair of you and the house will be beautiful with so much love poured into it. We can't wait for it to be finished and come over for a neighbourly brew.
    Lots of love mum xxxxx

  3. Oh, wow. You've got a pile of moss out there. When was the last time you checked and cleaned your roof? Well, I'm glad you did it nonetheless. It's not nice to see a roof covered with moss, and it also weakens the quality of the shingles. I'm sure after cleaning, your roof and the rest of your exterior became brighter.