Monday, 30 July 2012


I have been involved in a fair few 'Create Yourself' commissions recently, which is so great because I just love helping people get their business dreams into reality! And it is so lovely to see that people are using their own initiatives to get their businesses out there instead of waiting for certain jobs to come to them- So yey!

One lovely lady I had the pleasure of working with was from a Missouri, who runs an independent coffee shop called Bean
This is a groovy place that aims to add a bit of 'awesomeness' to your cup with in specialty teas, Italian sodas, cremosas, smoothies and of course COFFEE!
And the woman who found me, Lauren had decided that she wanted to do some pretty swanky t-shirts for the crew to wear that had some kind of design with 'love will bring you back' on the back of them.

She had specified the designs and styles she loves (Retro/ Vintage in a sense, with simple colours and hand drawn style) and I got to work on 3 slightly different ones for her to choose from! 
The problem is however, that now I have done the 3 designs, she doesn't know which one to choose, so I thought that if I did a little bit about it that perhaps other people could offer their opinions to help! (By the way the t-shirts will all be black.)

So here are the 3 designs :

This first one is supposed to look like an old retro diner sign. (And I have to admit this is my favourite!)

This second one I decided to do as a wild card to kind of show what is possible- which is ANYTHING! Also signifying how magical a cup of coffee can be!

With this third one, I wanted to do the 'hand drawn' look to see if it went down well. But I have to admit I think this would look great as a range (you know menu's, cups all with the hand drawn style) But as a logo own I think the other two trump it!

Anyway your opinions would be highly valued- So let us know!

Much love
Steph x


  1. I think i'd have to choose the 1st as my favorite, but that is closely followed by the 2nd!