Monday, 23 July 2012

Slaithwaite Vintage and Craft Emporium

All the time I have been on here, I realized I haven't written anything about our lovely Vintage and Craft Emporium

This is a lovely place in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire (just next to the Canal) that houses beautiful pieces of vintage clothes and nik naks, as well as lots of unique artwork and crafts from our local artists. So being a local artist myself, I have my own little space there!

If you are ever down this way, take a walk along the canal (from Slaithwaite center up towards us in Marsden) and stop and have a coffee and some delicious handmade pastries at The Handmade Bakery (their savoury pastries are to die for!)
Then once you have eaten up, carry on down the canal a little further into the mill next to the local brewery. In their you will see these signs: Which means you are on the right track! 

Inside you will find this lovely little place tucked away like it is the best kept secret in Kirklees! With it's quaint brick walls, bright, open space that is flooded with light from the skylight above and unique gifts and handmade pieces galore!

The Emporium itself has been going for nearly a year now, and so much has changed in that time! The amount of support we have got has been amazing, and I am assured (thought I know I am not supposed to be saying anything yet!) That it is soon to be growing even further! So watch this space for you never know where we may end up! 

As I mentioned I have my own little spot which I just love to keep up to date with new ideas and practice one- off pieces. I just love seeing everything together, it makes my range seem really coordinated and you can certainly tell it's mine! 


My little handmade cushion corner

My one-off 'Summer' flowers piece with hand drawn flower prints
My Favourite design (well one of them) in all it's glory
I'm actually having a sale on all my Make Your own World Kits, so they are now half price at just £2.50 per kit! Bargain...

Other talented artists...
Our fellow Ma Bicyclette-ian, Sunday Girl accessories! 
The gorgeous and colourful Amy Rose Felts!

The wedding corner with lovely handmade pieces by Rusty Dusty and other local crafters!

Our Made in England section!
Beautiful Vintage candles and tea sets by Sheila T
So as you can see it is a feast for the eyes, and you can often find yourself spending a few hours in there getting lost in the vintage china and crochet. Plus with all the unique vintage clothes on offer, you may find you end up leaving with a few more things then you intended to!

The place also offers regular workshops taught by the talented crafters themselves, so you really are in for a treat once you step inside! 

(By the way I work there every Thursday 10-1pm, so if you ever want a chat over a delicious pot of herbal tea then you know where to find me!)

Lots of love

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