Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Design Design Design!

Since we are getting into the 'decorating' part of our house build I thought I should start to gather some ideas together for room designs! (This is totally my favourite bit!)

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We are trying to get the bedroom done first (so we can have our first sleep in there!) And so I thought it is best to not overwhelm (or rather EXCITE) myself too much by just focusing on getting that room done!

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Our ideas for the bedroom were to have a kind of 'Moroccan' theme  (hense all the pictures!) This is basically because I was trying to establish an middle between my 'grandma style' (as Gaz likes to call it) and Gaz's 'man-style.' Neither of us are usually bold colour people (believe it or not) but I do really quite like the Moroccan look, so new house- new style I guess!

Wallpapers: Graham and Brown flamingo, Rob Ryan bird cages and Amy Butler fountain

We originally decided that we wanted to do one wall plum purple, but then I suggested we look more into the wallpaper route. So I spent a fair amount of time looking up fantastic purple wallpapers and came up with these babies! The majority of the walls in our house will be white, so the papers shouldn't effect the light and space of the room too much!



Pictures by House to Home, and Lee Caroline

I absolutely love the colours in these rooms, especially the turqoise and pink together! I think that perhaps some of these may be a bit 'much' for our own house, but I love the ideas- specifically the frames and decorations! And mixed with the white of the other walls, and some of Gaz's rustic furniture, I think we could get a similar style that is a bit softer and more fitting with the rest of the house!

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I think what I like most about Moroccan style is the furniture. The bright colours and detailed designs are just fab! And I love the idea though of crossing a few styles like 'natural' and 'vintage' to give an even more unique style, like there is here with this wall of frames and mirrors and these suitcases too (I just love suitcases!)


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We have an en suit in our room which you have to get to by going up a few steps. I have always loved tiled and stenciled staircases, and so I thought that we could carry on our Moroccan theme onto the stairs! I really love these purple tiles, but I don't know whether stenciling would perhaps be cheaper and easier to change if we ever change our minds!

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Whilst on my Moroccan theme adventure, I came across this lovely designer- Niki Jones. Her stuff would just work so perfectly in our room as it is the perfect mixture of Moroccan, vintage and folk styling. She also uses a lot of neutral colours along side her bold colours so as to make them more 'airy' and light in style. 
My favourite items are these hand painted owl russian dolls (I have a thing for russian dolls) which are actually now in the sale for just £35! And these fantastic folk baubles- I mean who says it has to be Christmas to have baubles in your room?

Anyhoo I hope these fabulous pictures have inspired you as much as they did me! I will keep you informed on the room as it gets done! 

Bon Nuit x

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