Sunday, 3 February 2013

One plank at a time...

I am super duper lucky to share a home with a furniture maker!
It means that every single piece of furniture in our house (when it is finally done) Shall be lovingly made to our own specifications- hoorah!

However with everything being made from scratch, it means that things can take a bit longer to get together then normal- so our house has remained un-finished for a while now! 

Still, it is a joy to see each piece coming together bit by bit- and as everything evolves... you can see our dream house beginning to take shape :)

Our floating alcove shelving finally has been finished!

And our big kitchen island is almost there too!
Can't wait to start filling it up will all of my kitchen goodies I have been saving up for ages now...
Shall keep you posted on any more progress!

Happy Sunday :)

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