Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I seemed to have been getting a lot of things delivered recently- which I love! After all who doesn't like getting presents?
(The fact that I've paid for these presents is neither here nor there... they are still presents to me!)

Firstly we have my lovely new Pouffe! Which has been lovingly crocheted by Madeline's Corner and now sits wonderfully in my living room- NOT to be used of course but merely to be looked at with the odd 'I love my new pouffe' sigh... *SIGH*

Then we also have my new 'try them and see' shopping bags printed by Prescotts Personalised. It's so much handier when you can hand your designs over to be professionally printed and then you can just sit there and crack on with more designing :)

These bags are slightly different from my usual tote bags, the material is different (a bit larger and more rigid- hense them being shopping bags!) And they also have shorter handles. There are so many different styles to chose from though, I have a feeling I may end up spending a lot of money with this lady!

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