Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mac I love you...

Having my new Mac computer (oh did I forget to mention I had that? It's huuuuge and super duper!) 
Well anyway, having that means that I had to re-teach myself how to use a computer all over again! (Mac's are confusing!)

Still this has not been a bad thing, as with the new computer came new design programmes too... and now where I once was a bit techno-phobic (and slightly behind I have to admit) when it came to certain programmes, now means I am working at tip top quality!

With that I have found that my designs too have changed, for instance it is now SUPER easy to make patterns- hense me designing so many willy nilly! Plus I seemed to have come across a whole new array of colours (Who knew there would be so many different colours of pink!)

This was one of the first commission designs I did when I finally got to grip with the workings of it all, and I have to admit I love it :) The colours are so much brighter, and everything is just that little bit clearer! So no going back now... 
Mac I love you!

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