Friday, 4 October 2013

Doodles and dreams...

Since getting back I seem to be super inspired and motivated for the future of Felt Mountain Studios...
(This could jolly well be down to the San francisco coffee that I brought back from my travels to give me some va va voom in the morning!)

But either way whatever it is, it's working! 
I have been doing a new design a day so far and hopefully I shall continue with more...

This is my fave up to now :) Who doesn't love a hot air balloon?

 And this one I had in mind for a new notebook design, as I just thought - seen as my notebook was attached to my right arm whilst I was away - that it is important that we remember how necessary it is to doodle and scribble, as they are where dreams begin!
(but it is also available as 'Follow your Dreams' for those who perhaps aren't as 'doodley' as myself!)

Both designs are now available in my Shop- and hopefully I shall be getting more in there too very soon indeed!

Happy Friday everyone!

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