Thursday, 7 April 2011

A hairy summer...

Dear world great news!

After our success with the how to look good naked calender for the business women of slaithwaite (which if you don't know, was a calender set up so we could 'bare all' to raise some money for 2 local charities) we have just (and by just I mean a bout a month ago- but I havent quite had the chance to write on here yet) heard that it has in fact gone down even better than anyone could ever imagine... 
   Heather (the woman who started it all) has informed us that she recieved a phonecall off the BBC recently, and they were looking for some community related women in slaithwaite to start a meals on wheels service for the local elderly people.
And ofcourse once they had spoken to Heather, and seen our (half naked) selves in business, they knew that we were the right people for the job.

Ofcourse this is not all, they have decided they want to do a television series with the fantastic tv chefs the Hairy Bikers about how we begin and successful achieve this!

And it doesnt stop there- because I am the artist of the group, they want me to do the designs for the business, so we have now gone from The Calendar Girls to The Colander Girls, and there is no looking back!

Sooo apparently filming begins on monday, and they are wanting to get a recording of each of us explaining what we do and how we are involved in this community and this business- Which means I am actually going to have to speak on television with words and everything- EEP! 

And not only that my designs may be seen by the entirety of television watchers over the uk! Bigger eep!

So anyway I put my head down and came up with some ideas and this is the end result...  Let me know what you think. It will incorporate the Bikers' slogan of 'Meals on Wheels, Delivering a Difference.' So watch this space as you never know it could be coming to a town near you :-)

Wish me luck!

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  1. I love the first and last designs. So sweet. I also can't believe it! Love the hairy bikers haha! I'm excited for you! Good luck :D xxx