Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Cottage

My how time flies! And how so much can change in such a short period of time! 
I haven't been on here in a while (as you may well notice from the dates) and so when I came to look at some old posts I just though it's odd how quickly things change. 

So I'll fill you in on the whatnots so far- The hairy bikers thing was fab in every sense of the word- and its results are still showing through not only Slaithwaite but also some other local towns too! I cannot say much more as it is all a bit hush hush, but lets just say keep an eye out for September!

Secondly, having just finished the hullabaloo with the filming stuff in may, and in between all of my workshops, commission work and my own art work, I have managed to fit in a temporary full time job teaching at a school! And to top it off I happened to meet (actually in the school) a guy who was teaching local art workshops around the corner and coincidentally was looking for a female professional artist to add to the team!  So I work all day at the school, then go straight to the workshop, home for 6 to do some commission work, with perhaps a little time for my own work! And what is it all for I hear you say?

Well this.....

Beautiful isn't it? Haha well I know not quite.
After attempting in the past to live alone, I found that house prices can be quite silly. And what with my grandma, grandad and uncle setting up home here at The Old Coach House head quaters,and obviously what with me and gaz getting rather settled in life, we thought why not add our own names to The Coach House list! And so here it is, our new love shack- the garages.
Not quite as nice a view as my grandparents' but with the added bonus of a bigger outside space (for herbs ofcourse)and a lovely sloping hill at the back that can accomodate 12ft more of room space hidden inside!

Now without going into to much detail about about the many (and I mean many) things to measure and consider when designing a house, we began planning this around about May time, and as it is us and we like to get things done quickly, it is now July and I have already designed a detailed architectural plan and we have already built started building the front! 
So it has now gone from that into this...

Still equally beautiful I know (blue windows not included), but this was the most costly and time consuming job! And underneath that wierd shape thing there is actually an arched door waiting to be brought to life. 
I am still aware however that while most of the boring stuff is almost done, it may take just a tad longer to get it from this, to this...

(Blue skies optional) but I feel, what with everything that has happened so quickly and (fairly) easily, that it is within easy reach.

Still what got me thinking the most was my previous blog list of 'things to do before I turn 22' and whilst I was laughing to myself about some of my obviously unachieved dreams, I noticed that some of them had, in their own way been met! 
Its just odd to me that even though my journey took a completely different turn and some things that seemed important, now aren't as much so- I have managed to still complete some without even realising I was doing it! I mean ofcourse the house of my own with a garden for Lola and herbs was not met by my birthday, but as you can very well see I have made a damn good go at getting it started. And whilst doing so I have managed to become more financially (and emotionally) stable due to my completely mad work life to fund the house, and with that I have began paying off my bills, and bought a secret garden party ticket and even updated my wardrobe with some new colourful clothes- the only thing I need now is a trip to Italy, oh and ofcourse I still haven't managed to put all of my cds onto my computer! (But like I mentioned priorities come first!)

And I can now also add architectural layout designer, (and weekend builder) to my list of skills, so all in all I think I have to take a bit of time and give myself some credit....

Right now all done, what's next to do?

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  1. This is amazing! You really have been busy! x