Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pretty Patterns

I have always loved pattern in every form, a bit like a pattern and print magpie, and until now I've just been collecting things that I love and that inspire me. But I have been recently experimenting down the pattern and print route myself and I read that the best place to start is by inspiration alone! So I thought i'd put up my very own inspiration board (next to my other inspiration board for the house...) committed solely to pattern, colour shades and designs that I love.
With that I decided on a whim to order 4 new print and surface design books that can get my juices flowing as they say. So from potato printing to stencils to screen printing, I now officially have all the information to start my new venture. 

Here are a few stencils and ideas I have come up with...

Inspiration board 

I have always been slightly obsessed with the idea of making my own wallpaper, and so I thought with my brand new knowledge (and slight giddyness)that I would give it a go...

Tree print on simple lining paper

Flower print on vintage wallpaper

The idea that began it all

I then got a bit 'print happy' and before I knew it there were patterns everywhere...

I think this is officially my new favourite thing to do! But I am still a beginner, so if you have any hints or tips they would be greatly appreciated (especially when it comes to screen printing!)

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