Saturday, 19 May 2012


I am going to be partaking in a vintage fair in Saddleworth on June 3rd in celebration of the Jubilee! YEY! 

The stall is part of a 'Craft and Design month' to help support local craftspeople and creatives! It is a brilliant idea and the day I am assured will be even more brilliant- with vintage themed goings on around Uppermill town and in the Civic hall- where the fair will be held. 

More importantly the fair happens to be held on the day of the beer walks weekend (I festival I have been to since my early teens!) Which means there is even more fun to be had as the streets are lined with people all ready to celebrate! 

Go check out the website for more details of exibitors and events for the day and where to eat, where to stay and where to play! 

See you there 

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