Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mr Sun, Sun, Mr golden Sun...

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while- we have just been super busy over here with the house, trying to finish the first make your own booklet, and preparing for up and coming stalls too! It's been fantastic :)

But I must say how nice has the weather been! It has certainly helped us get on with our work, and because of this (and a little help from le famille) We have managed to completely (ish) finish the front of our house! It is still not yet liveable inside buuuuut I finally feel I have a place of my own! And with that I had my very first trip to the garden centre to get some flowers- oh it was really very exciting!

Anyway I couldn't miss an opportunity for photos with the sun shining like it is, and so I thought I would share our celebratory garden finishing-ish meal with you! Hurrah!

Its cheesy- but I love it!
The beginnings of a water feature

New plants yey!

The mosaic tiles inside the doorway- LOVE them!
The deck chairs we have been waiting a whole year to put out!

Had to use everyones bits and bobs to make the table!

Oh it was delicious!

Enjoy the sun :)
 I know I will...

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