Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Make your own World- the first edition!

It has taken me a while but I have finally gotten to grips with pictures, and info for my new 'Make your own World' booklet.

I am still struggling with 
printers- being that I haven't actually found a good way of doing it yet haha! So for now I have been printing them off my little printer and this by all accounts means that it is very in-officiant cost and time wise! But I have faith that I will find something soon- and to be honest I enjoy making them :)

Either way the booklet is looking fab (if I do say so my self) it has 60 pages in total all completely full of pictures, colours and designs (hense the costly part as it takes a lot of ink up!) And I am really happy to see it all done and in real life rather than just waiting to be seen on my computer!

I have only aired it so far at the vintage fair I did recently (see below) and a have a couple for sale at The Vintage and Craft Emporium in Slaithwaite, but it has already had great feedback! It is very nice to see such lovely support from everyone who has bought one so far and I am extremely grateful :)

So now I thought I should finally put it on my online shops so it can reach the internet shopping world. It is A5 in size (for all your projects on the go!) And has 17 projects in it that will help transform your home into a vintage haven using the most un-costly of materials! It even includes templates that can be kept and re-used to make more items! So for just £6.50 it is a bargain really!

I am very proud of it (and thrilled that it is finally done so I can take some time away from the computer!) But please let me know your views- I would love to do more so any ideas will grately be appreciated :)

Have a lovely night whatever you are doing!

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