Thursday, 21 June 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday- yey! And what a glorious day it has been too :)

I love getting older(even though I am now 23 but I keep forgetting and telling people I am 21!) But every year I love taking a moment to stop and think of everything I have accomplished and everything I am grateful for!

This was what I wrote when I was 21, and I have only just 
realized how many I have still not completed (the cd's are still way off getting put onto my computer!) Yet it was really lovely to see how many have actually happened, and even nicer to be able to cross them off! 

However I am aware that a lot of these where perhaps a bit idealistic- and I also know that I was a different person at 21 to who I am now! Still I love the idea of these lists, and am very happy that I managed to accomplish at least half of these- but I think it is time to start a new one, so here it is!

It truly is amazing just how much things can change in a year- last year I was living with my parents not knowing what to do or where to go- (and if you take a look at the posts yourself you can tell!) And now I have a house of my own (well nearly!) 
And just look at my business as well, since I decided to let my fears go and commit to my arty dreams, it has gone from strength to strength! And I am sure it has much further to go! 

I know that many of us are still on our journey and can sometimes get a bit lost- but if we take a minute to look at what we do have, you will see we have so much to be grateful for! And when you are grateful and positive you will usually find that more positive things happen that you are grateful for! So don't be constantly waiting for good things to happen for you in the future- because good things are happening to us all right now! You just need to notice them :)

I have so much to be grateful for, and for anyone who has supported me or 'liked' me or even 'followed' me recently I am over the moon with gratitude! And even if you have just stumbled upon this page and decided to read this, I am even more grateful you have taken the time to do so :)

I just cannot wait to see where I am next year and compare these posts, because God knows what can happen in a year! Hopefully I will be blogging from my new home. And hopefully I will have dived head first into my artwork and the business will be a huge success! But like I said I can't wait until then to be happy, so I best make the most of my lovely home here and go and make some dinner and celebrate these fantastic 23 years I've had on this planet :)

Have a lovely night whatever you are doing x


  1. Love this post! And love your new list! We'll have to help each other achieve things on our lists! I'm doing rubbish with mine this year! xxx

  2. I also love this. Reading this made me all happy and go 'aaaahhhh life is good'. Happy Birthday love xxxxxxx

  3. Aww thanks you guys! I mean it about the holiday- we seriously need to go somewhere all together! If we all write it on our list, then it's bound to happen! x