Thursday, 28 June 2012

More cushions to cushion!

I am slightly addicted to making cushions and have been constantly playing around with different designs, but I have been getting some really cool results in turn!

I love the owl pattern one (it was and still is my fave) but it doesn't have take some time to do, cutting and printing and whatnot! I think if I am to carry on with cushions then I should definitely look into getting my own fabric printed. However for the time being these are still a joy to make! 

I also finally got to do my dream cushion of a FELT MOUNTAIN! Haha the joy of joys I felt when my boyfriend came in and said 'what is that?' And I could actually say 'A Felt Mountain!' As though my choice of business name finally made some sense! Good times :)
This was also really easy and fun to make and I am regretting not putting it in the 'make your own World' book as it would have been so cool- and relevant!

I am also still very much in lust with my 'Make believe' dinky cushion. Not just because it is dinky and handy sized- but I think this is still my favourite design to date, so you know of course I am going to love it! And everyone else seems to love it too as they just seem to get snapped up so quickly!

I had a play around with this new one as I wanted to re-use some old designs. I did these Russian dolls what feels like a zillion years ago- but they have a whole new lease of life now! I think I need to bring out some more of my older stuff and let them have their turn too! 

I am still working on choosing some cushions to go on my online shops, but I shall get it all sorted soon hopefully. But in the mean time if anyone has any design preferences then I would love to hear them! You now I love a good opinion :)


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