Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Bedroom room

Hello! Sorry I've not been keeping up with these posts this week, we had a bit of a mad rush recently to get loads done with the house AND business, and we even had some diggers in to mix it up a bit (which I will be writing a post on very soon!) 

Anyway I would like to do a bit more of an update on the house today, seen as things seem to be getting together quicker now! 
And the bit I want to write about the most is the bedroom, as this is the room that looks like it will get done the quickest (so we can finally move in!) 

So we (and by 'we' I mean Gaz, my uncle and my grandad) had the first go of plastering the house the other day. We thought starting in the bedroom was the best idea so it can progress by the time we get to the living room/ kitchen. But to be fair, they  seem to be good at everything (so annoying!) As it has finally dried a nice sandy colour and looks pretty darn good!

Those big holes in the wall there are soon to be wardrobes, as we decided when we designed it that we should try and fit an en suit at the back end of the bedroom to make it a bit more special. So because this is the smallest of the 3 rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen) and the ceiling is so high at the back of the house we decided to put it on sort of a mezzanine that has kind of a secret set of stairs to get to it (see below!) 
The only downside was the bedroom would be super small if we put in a set of built in wardrobes too (I wanted a walk-in!) So being the clever cloggs we are, we suggested the wasted space under the mezzanine could be a wardrobe/ drawer space with a large electric circular clothes rail in the hole nearest the back wall that can rotate our clothes at the push of a button! Genius (although this machine has yet to be built yet, so I will rejoice more when it is actually in and working!) 

The secret stairs (that aren't so secret, but rather quite dinky in width so we pretend they are secret!) Were made by Gaz, as were the ones in the living room (which I will discuss later on!) And I only found out later that this was the first time he had made stairs, and that they are actually pretty darn hard to make! So well done to him, even if we are still missing the bottom step!

So now we enter the bathroom area which up until recently wasn't even plaster boarded, so quite easy to work in because it was light! Now it is a lot darker, which got me a little worried at first because I usually dislike rooms with no windows in, but I am assured that when the spotlights and tiles are on (which are white) it should be bright as the morning sun :) And if not, there are always skylights!

This is the original wall that was in the old part of the garages, which I was totally adamant had to be kept! The rest of it will be tiled with out new white tiles (see below) so the focus should still be on the wall (because it's so ace!) Gaz was a bit worried because it bows ever so slightly (quite a lot actually!) But I say as long as it stays up and doesn't flatten me in the bath, then I love a bit of quirky!

The toilet by the way was one my dad picked up ages ago and 'happened to have' (only my dad would have a spare toilet!) But it was one of those 'toilets to go' so like £50 to buy, not really very expensive at all- considering how handy a toilet is!

This sink has been in our garden amongst the weeds and debris for absolutely ages, and I always said I wanted it! So now I can finally have it :) You can't really tell how nice it is from this pic, but I think it will look super duper with a bit of a clean up and some funky 'his' and 'hers' taps on. Gaz was also going to make a kind of Victorian style sink to put it on, so i'm really looking forward to seeing it done, I love a good freebie!

Now onto my favourite buy yet- Our Bath! (I say that with everything new we buy, but I still love it!)

It's so difficult to get the size of this on camera (the bathroom is only dinky and doesn't allow me to get a good picture!) But this bath is huge! I originally wanted a claw foot bath because that's what we have in our bedroom en suit now and I love it, but we decided that practically wise, it would be much better to get a built in one so we can put a shower in it too!

So we came across this one at a place in Ashton called Ashton Bathrooms I think (original I know,) and it was upstairs in the 'sales' bit looking all lonely. Originally it was £795 (It is German and made of steel!) But it has a slight chip in one corner, so small in fact that it will easily be covered once it is tiled! But this meant that we managed to buy it for just £179! And we brought it home the very same day! (Getting it into the bathroom wasn't as easy like, but now it's in there it will never be leaving!)

We had a couple of other fab buys that day too (it was a good day!) 

We got this beautiful floor from B&Q for £13 per square metre. It is bamboo with a laminate overlay- but NOT laminate because i'm not a huge fan of it (there's nothing like a good bit of real wood!) It was originally £25, but we went on a day where there happened to be a sale on. It also happened to be a Wednesday (which is 10% off for pensioners) and my pensioner Grandad just happened to be with us! And to top it all off, my dad happened to know the guy behind the til, so he gave us an extra £20 off! (Though i'm sure they're not really allowed to do that- but still I love it when things work out nicely :D)

We originally wanted to use reclaimed wooden floor boards, but we then decided that the idea may be very nice (we love a good bit of recycling!) But in reality this floor will last forever, and won't take a zillion years to lay because it has lots of rusty nails left in from it's previous owners! Plus we are wanting under floor heating so these won't warp like old ones would do, So sometimes you just have to let go and go with the modern flow! (As hard as that is to do!)

These are our pretty little tiles for the bathroom, which we bought from Selco for £5 per square metre- which is pretty damn cheap by tiles standards! Selco is usually trade you see so everything is like half price or more! You don't need a trade card I don't think (we didn't have one) so you can get loads of brilliant deals for decorating and what not! We originally wanted smaller ones, but because we are having smaller ones in the kitchen already, and because the stone wall is already a bit 'in your face' we thought best leave it least fussy as possible, and with these babies so lovely and cheap, the answer was simple!

So all in all great deals to be had! And I haven't even got started on the fittings yet! But I will keep you up to date with any new and exciting happenings, as we expect to be having lots from now on!

Lots of love

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