Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage haven...

Me and Nicola Semple (of Ma Bicyclette) recently did a stall together at Uppermill's Vintage fair, (see post below) and I had completely forgot to even write about how it went- my mind forgoes remembering things sometimes!

Nicola with her lovely hand stitched bags

So anyway it was a fantastic day with so seriously fantastic products on sale. We were positioned (quite unfortunately for our purses,) right in front of a fabulous stall selling handmade vintage dresses that were absolutely to die for By Limb! Both my sister, and mum have bought some and I have yet to choose mine because they are all so lovely!

I had my eye on the red parisian one- and then my mum bought it!

There was also vintage photography going on by Lipgloss & Lenses which transformed every person into a screen siren from the 50's! But we personally ate too many cupcakes from The Hazelnut Bakery but they were so lovely looking and were going for 4 for £5- bargain!

The SECOND lot of cupcakes!

We also met lots of nice people and have managed to get a few new peeps for some Ma Bicyclette interviews like Claire from Realicoul jewellery and home accessories, and Carol from Dormouse and the Teapot

I also managed to sell a fair amount of my wares, which was exeptionally nice because I had just finished my make your own book off the night before (I will be doing another post on that soon) and they went down a storm. And I had also been practicing with new designs on cushions and bags- and they were just flying of the rack (or table!)

Prints everywhere!

Both our bags merging together nicely!

It was a good job I took pictures earlier- because there were non left!
 So yes all in all I was a very happy camper and would love to do another one soon :) See here for the review Vintage Manchester did of the day (I get a nice little mention, which is always lovely!) And they took this nice picture too, so I am digging them very much! 

(We look all shy and coy!)

Speak soon amigos! Have a nice night :)

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