Saturday, 4 August 2012

Everyone is moving in!

Everyone seems to have suddenly just moved to a new home recently!

My friend Rachel (of Ma Bicyclette) and her boyfriend Sanchez have just got their very first flat together in Manchester, Nicola (of Ma Bicyclette too) has just got a new job in Bradford and has to move into her new place there by next week! And of course me and Gaz are on the final stages of our house move and should be in there in a week or so!

All this says to me though is that we have lots of house warming parties to attend (and host)- which is great! And along with house warming parties, come house warming gifts (which I love to buy- and receive!)

We visited Rachel and Sanchez's new digs last night and had a lovely little time! They have a new kitten which we played with and I got to give them their presents which I love! 

I decided to go with my Make Believe cushion that I have been perfecting, and threw in the nicest smelling vanilla shortbread candle in the World (literally makes you want to eat it!)
I also bought them this lovely card by Caroline Gardner who has some seriously super card designs- More to come on that soon!

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying your lovely warm homes! I am just so excited to get in and start painting ours!

Speak soon x

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