Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Bathroom room...

We been sanding A LOT the past few days, and we shall soon be ready to paint! So I thought I would continue my house decoration posts to help me remember what I am working for, as my arms are about to fall off!

The next room we shall be doing will be the en suit bathroom, so this is what I shall be writing about!
The bathroom itself was specifically made to kind of fit into the bedroom eves with our wardrobes underneath it (sounds odd but you shall see when it's finished!) The only problem is that there is no window, and no natural light as of yet, so we are aiming to make it as light as possible with white tiles and just white everything!

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Along with white tiles, we also want to do a white washed flooring like these lovely pictures here! We managed to get some gorgeous redwood wooden flooring to help hold the weight from the bath and whatnot, and I am sure they are just going to paint up really well (I hope!) 

I've also got a special attachment to this 3rd picture because we have got our own exposed stone wall too! And if we can get it to look as good as this then we are just onto a winner!

Pictures by, and House to Home

We originally wanted a claw foot bath (you can clearly see I dig them somewhat!) But then we decided that perhaps it wouldn't be too practical shower-wise. It is quite a small room so we have to have a shower/bath combo, and even though these claw baths look pretty cracking with these shower attachments, a larger bath just seemed more appealing. The bath we actually got is huge and made of steel, which is so great because it means we can fit a whole heap of people in there- you know should we ever need to...

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The main theme I want for the bathroom is nautical (I know original right!) But seen as we look rather a lot like a beach house, we may as well act like one! There is just something about the distressed wood and shabby fittings that I love, and it really helps with the lightness of the room! But is it too much having an actual boat for a bath like in this 4th picture? Because I am seriously considering it...

Pictures by House to Home and

As you can see, I really love natural light, and I am determined not to let the lack of window get me down! I think a few strategically placed mirrors could seriously make a difference- I particularly like this suspended one on the right (and I'm also digging the wooden basin too!)

In terms of fixtures and fittings, I like vintage but I am pretty open really! I think it will be one of those you see it and decide type of things! As I mentioned we already got a toilet free, so that's pretty chuffing good :) And we also managed to pick up a fabulous double sink from the GARDEN (yes that is where we like to keep our sinks apparently!) So the only thing we need to make is the unit to put it on and we are pretty much ready to move in! 

Although I have to admit no bathroom is really complete without one of these nifty toilet seats! You can literally put your very own art work on it! However, i'm not sure if it would make me a bit nervous having one of my owls greeting me and calling me a 'hoot' every time I go to the loo!

I so can't wait, but as I said I will keep you informed as it happens- so keep an eye out :)

Good evening x

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