Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Soon we will be sailors sailing on a salty sea...

I had decided recently to take a little bit of time off from making cushions. Not that I don't absolutely love everyone for buying them and seriously I am shocked at how well they took off (thanks again for all your support!) But I just wanted to spend a bit of time focusing on getting some more designs done (I have been putting it off for ages and it's about time!)
So I sat down today and thought hmmm what design would I most like to do at this moment? And considering ALL of my attention has been on doing up my house and it's lovely 'beachy' themed interior- it is no wonder I came up with a boat design :)

And don't forget the matching patterns!

But you know the first thing that came into my head when I had finished? "God these would look great on some cushions!" 

Haha no rest for the wicked hey!


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