Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The day the diggers came...

It has been a mad mad mad few weeks (you may have heard me saying!) The majority of this being from us spending every waking minute attempting to make the house ready to move in to- and by gum has it been hard!

But seen as our plans of sanding today have been trodden on by the typical English weather, I have managed to squeeze a few precious moments in to get to grips with blogging- Huzzah!

So since I last wrote about our place SO much has changed- and I mean so much! So let us get up to date shall we...

My dad decided to hire some diggers in to dig out behind our house to fit the drains for the bathroom (boring stuff- but necessary non the least!) And quite coincidentally the same weekend the heavens decided to open and the whole place turned into a swamp! 

Even the big whole that was dug out behind the house couldn't hold the weight and decided to cave in too!

Here is Gaz stuck knee high in what was supposed to be our driveway! (And my dad trying to help!)

 We still managed to dig out 400 tonnes (that's right!) of soil into a pile the size of the house for us to fill our plant pots with :)

 However whilst the outside was getting messier, the inside has begun to neaten up rather nicely!

I have spent the last 6 days in my painting overalls, painting what felt like the whole Universe White and sanding all of the beams down to get rid of the plaster (not enjoyable!) But you can finally see what the end result will look like! The stairs have since been painted white too and the mezzanine (left picture) is soon to be made into my studio!

We have also managed to lay the under floor heating AND our fabulous floor for the bedroom! Plus my Grandad has given us the best present yet and wallpapered our bedroom wall- yey! 

The wallpaper itself was the best bargain to date- we found it in the sale at B&Q for just £6 a roll!

Anyhoo there shall be more to come soon I am sure- and we are not even up to moving our stuff in yet! But I shall keep you informed I am sure of that :)

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