Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A bit of oldy newy...

Carrying on from our house conversion theme- I have just put the finishing touches today on some lovely pieces of furniture for my Studio- oh yeh!

Gaz bought me these skanky old mahogany pieces for my birthday for £20 for the pair (it sounds like not a very good present- but I assure you I wanted them!)

By the way if you are interested in doing up your own storage units I would highly suggest Emmaus in Mossily- this is where I got these from and it is just seriously good so go check it out!


After Gaz picked up a piece of glass to fit the larger unit (£7 from our local glass merchants who cut it for us there and then!) I then decided to prime them both with a couple of thick coats of good primer paint.

The next day I went over the old document unit with some off white satinwood. When that was dry (which took another day!) I then sanded and waxed the legs and used some of my old tester pots to paint each inside section a different colour! 

(If you decide to ever do this, I would advise taping off the sections with frog tape to stop smudges as it will make it all a lot neater- as you can see here I like to make hard work for myself!)

With the larger unit I decided to paint it the same colour as we have done the windows and doors (mainly because we had a lot spare!) But because it is eggshell this too took forever to dry! So if you do this, make sure whilst it is drying you keep it in a place, unlike me, without lots of flies who are drawn to the smell of paint!

Et voila! One document and one Fabric unit- done! 
All I need now is to get them organised!

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  1. yeh we need a few good shopping trips so we can do this for our new shop! eeek!!! x