Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Life is just a Circus

I am so sorry to be lacking in my posts recently, but so much has changed I can't keep up! (And this is not just with the House either...)

If you haven't already seen me spreading the word on Facebook, then you won't yet know of our new shop that will be opening soon in Slaithwaite Centre!

I have been keeping rather quiet about it all so far as we have just been working out the (more serious) details, but now it is official and we are taking the keys to our new place on Friday!!!

There is so much to say about it, I literally cannot write it all out at once- so why not take a look yourself here? 

We were originally a part of The Vintage and Craft Emporium (I have mentioned it before in previous posts) but this has had to close suddenly as the owner is ill. However we could of course never let this brilliant idea for a business end- so a few of us decided to invest in our own business, and thus The Emporium (with it's brand new logo designed by- you guessed it- yours truly) was born! (Or re-born as it were!)

I am far to giddy at the moment to make any sense- but I assure you it is going to be amazing! 

We shall be holding a stall at Totally Locally's Food and Craft Festival this Sunday if you are free! (I do love our village!)

We will be selling some examples of our crafter's works that shall be available to buy in our new place (including my own) and also spreading the word about our opening day (which is besically  determined by how fast we can do it up!) So what other excuse do you need? See you there!!!

Phew, all this excitement is getting to me... I think I need a lie down! x

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  1. i think you do need a lie down sweet,
    well done to you all.
    onwards and upwards.