Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Totally Locally...

I do love my local village...

It is such a lovely place filled with lovely people all sharing a sense of community- everything you want from a place to live :)

I love even more so that even though our 'Emporium' shop has not even opened yet, we were already invited to take part in the new Totally Locally festival that was taking place this past weekend in Slaithwaite centre!

The idea with 'Totally Locally' is to encourage us all to open our eyes to the great independent shops and business that you have in your town. It's about supporting your local growers, producers and services- whatever they may be!

So Slaithwaite opened it's streets on Sunday (in the lovely sunshine) to celebrate our local businesses and local people in general, and the turn out was better then we could ever have imagined!

Our stall was put together in such a short space of time, but it was so nice to see our creations finally together for the World to see!

It was such a nice mixture of all our handmade works: My print bags along side Amy's felt jewellery, Sheila's vintage china, Pat G's vintage clothes and Pat O and Di's handmade rag rugs!

We may have worked hard, but we had A LOT of fun too...

There were 40 stalls there altogether, some filled with delicious  homemade foods, others with local crafters and makers. It was amazing to see just how many local businesses were there that I never knew about!

Meals on Wheels managed to raise some funds from the Granny Splash books that I helped bring to life- YEY!

The food choices were incredible- and it is amazing to think that all of this is right on our doorstep! We even managed to have time to try a few pints of our locally brewed beers- which by the way are very nice indeed :)

By the end of the day we were all ready to fall over (not just because of the beers!) But it was so fabulous finally getting us all together for our first showing of our new venture...

 Bring on the next one! And bring on The Emporium!!!

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