Thursday, 6 December 2012

Right, let's start again from the beginning...

My God I can't believe it has been such a long time since I have been able to get back to my blogging ways- and oh how I have missed it! 
It has literally been over 6 weeks since I did my last post (and even before then they have been few and far between for a while now!)

So so much has happened the past few months, that I don't even know where to start... so lets start from the beginning shall we!

...I seriously did not know what I was getting into when I set forth on this 'shop building' journey, and before I knew it 3 Months of my life had passed by at the blink of an eye- and I had recorded hardly any of it on here!

The Emporium since it has opened it's rustic doors has been a huge success and we have been completely taken back with the amount of support we have received!


We have literally been open just over a Month now and already we are bursting at the seems with unique artworks, handmade crafts and vintage clothes and memorabilia. (And this isn't even including our own separate arts, crafts and vintage businesses as the 5 investors!)

Being an investor myself means I get to have my own 'mini shop' space all to myself to fill with my designs (which is a total dream come true- I mean how many of us have dreamed of having our own little shop to fill with lovely items you adore!)
Here is a sneak peak of my area (see above) and considering we had just a day to get everything in, I think it doesn't look half bad!)

Similarly we have a whole host of other designer makers displaying their gorgeous creations too! From handmade, revamped and vintage Clothes and accessories...

To lovely handmade and vintage ornaments, home-wares and nik-naks!

 You can also take part in a creative craft or two with our wonderful haberdashery filled with beautiful fabrics, sewing materials and 'do it yourself' kits!

As a business, one of our main aims was to support the community and 'keep it local' - but we did not think that we would get so much support in return! Since we put feelers out for local crafters, over 40 have now got their designs on display in our Aladdin's cave of a shop! And considering that we originally thought we may have around 10 at any given time, you can imagine how full we are!

We have opened at the perfect time for a business really, as not only is it the run up to Christmas, but we are also lucky enough to be able to take part in a all the goings on around Slaithwaite village. One of which is the fab Totally Locally Christmas market (see poster above- designed by yours truly!) Which we have already been a part of in the summer time -and it was so great! 

So if you are around West Yorkshire any time soon, pop in and see for yourself what I am talking about! Or even better come to the market this Sunday and make a day of it! We would love to see you :)

Right that's part of the last few Month's up to date- shall be adding more very soon!

Talk to you then! 
Steph xxx

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