Thursday, 6 December 2012

Frankly my dear...

Since The Emporium has become a little more organised- it is pretty much running itself now! This then means that I have had a bit more time to myself to focus on Felt Mountain Studios again- whoop!


Last I recall I had spoken about my involvement in the 'Folksy Christmas Exclusive range' in which I had designed 3 notebooks specifically to sell through Folksy's online store alone!

Since then sales have been going really well and I have even had a little featured in the Folksy 'Frankly' magazine (click here to see it!) and the Folksy Christmas newsletter which has 50,000 subscribers! 


So along with making stock up for my new shop, I have also been getting orders made and posted to my lovely customers! Which I have to admit has been really quite fun... especially as it is Christmas and I can go a bit more 'over the top!'

~ PLUS ~
on top of this I have also had to make a whole heap of stuff to send this gorgeous little bead and craft shop in Sheffield called 'Jam Jar Beads' so that I can be a part of their new 'craft' section this week! (I Shall let you know how it goes as it goes along!)

~ AND ~ 
on top of all this, I have also been inundated with more commission and design work recently- which equally is absolutely fantastic, but by gum I could do with a holiday now!

This is just one of the designs I have been doing in my spare minutes. It is for a lovely woman living in New York who is starting her own 'handmade' business called Pins and Needles:

Logo design
Business card back design

So yes as you can tell I have been quite busy- so much so that I have missed out on not one but TWO holidays, including a trip away with the lovely Ma Bicyclette gang to Amsterdam! Boo- very sad (especially as they spent most of the time drinking absinthe and fluttering around the beautiful city that it is!) 
But still I am sure there will be many more adventures to be had in the future... For now though this is one adventure enough!

Speak soon my dears :)

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