Friday, 28 December 2012

Time for some time off..

Oh it has been lovely taking some time off from the shop, the house AND the business this Christmas time! 
I know that this would have been the time to catch up with all of my millions of things needed to be done- like this blog for example! But I have finally realized that I am just one person and at this point family and chillaxing comes first!

Taking time off has allowed me to enjoy all of the wonderful gifts I received this Christmas a few of which, when placed together like so, made me actually aware of how much of a 12 year old child I am really!

Yes that is a HOUSE sewing box, and yes that is a chopping board in the shape of a CLOUD! (Handmade by Gaz right at the last minute of course!)
Plus my dearest mum ever so kindly remembered a conversation we had about how I would like to maybe start being a 'collector' of things- and perhaps Russian Dolls would be a nice thing to start with... so there it is! Now I have two and I believe THAT is a collection! 

ALSO I was lucky enough to get a brand spanking new Lumix camera and (reading previous posts of how I have complained about me desperately needing a new camera-) you can imagine how much this excites me so! My whole world has opened up and I do believe there is no going back! 
These are just a few ones I took whilst messing around with the ZILLIONS of settings it has! (And before I ate too much to physically move anymore!)

Even though I say it has been ace doing nothing- I have already got itching hands that are aching to get making again! Especially with my new gifts just sat there inspiring me!
So keep your eyes peeled for exciting new designs in the new year!

Hope you all had a FAB Christmas- And bring on 2013!

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