Wednesday, 2 January 2013

In with the old...

Firstly may I just say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 
By gum I cannot believe a whole year has gone by- time is going too quickly these days it seems! 

Usually with a new year, people tend to want to get rid of all their old unwanted things to make room for brand spanking new things- whether that be a new outfit or new even a new interior design for their home!

I, however have taken to the opposite recently... it may be because I now work and sell in a vintage Aladdin's cave filled with one off treasures galore (The Emporium,) or it might just be because I have been a bit shorter on money since moving home (and Christmas of course!) But I have been drawn to everything vintage and retro... and I cannot seem to leave work or walk past a charity shop without being drawn in to the goodness!

Anyway I think I have really started to get an eye for a good bargain and  these are some of my most fave buys so far...

Retro cooking pots from The Emporium- A snip at just £8.00!

My charity shop bargain bundle buy for under £5.00! I picked up all this lot just before Christmas to help decorate my new living room and bring some festive cheer. Including retro baubles, a felt Christmas bag, rustic pine cones and these other homely decorations:

A jar of shells for my new bathroom for 50p! And this lovely hand painted ceramic ball for my lovely mantlepiece for 75p!

I also got this gorgeous vintage vase for my bedroom and it's freshly painted side tables for a cracking 50p!

Plus I managed to pick up this fab Christmas jumper for just £1.00! As nice as it is however, I bought it with the intention to cut it up and make it into some lovely patterned wool cushions (though I have yet to do that!)
Then because I had happened to be in the right place at the right time, I managed to pick up this ace wicker storage chair for FREE as the charity shop didn't feel they could do anything with it! I could never let a good chair go to skip heaven so I took it off their hands and when I get a spare minute I am going to do it up and sell down at the Shop!

These may not be as cheap as my charity shop buy, but I frickin' love them so much that paying £12.00 for a big set of matching retro dinner plates didn't seem too hard! They are going to look so perfect on our dresser in our kitchen when it is done! Another Emporium buy...

These aren't even all of my super duper vintage bargains... only what I could manage to get a picture of so far! I have plenty moor goodies to show, but I think they will start to appear as I get more and more pictures of the house in it's completion!

I hope you have all had a fabulous time off these holidays, and lets hope  this year is one full of serious adventure and vintage crockery :)


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