Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day!

There has been a few unusual and rather unsettling events occurring recently, so when I opened the back barn door this morning and saw that it looked like this...

... And clearly we weren't going anywhere today, I was quite happy to be forced to stay in and snuggle up with a caramel coffee and get on with some commission work I have to do... not before I managed to get some lovely snow pictures first however!

One of my Grandad's shitzu's toddles over to bid us a good morning!

Even the little wind chime house is snowed in!

The views on the front and back of the house!
I have to admit when it looks like this though...

And you come out of your bedroom to see your dog looking at you like this- clearly wanting to go out! It makes you want to do exactly what Gaz is doing- snuggling back up in bed!

Still who can resist this face!

And this one (who has a thing for eating snow!)

Well that's enough for now- back to work! 
I may be out to build a snowman later though...

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