Monday, 14 January 2013

New year... new stock!

Finally had a minute to make some new stuff for the shop recently!
After all the madness that was Christmas, my area was looking very sparse... so I thought adding a few different items would work well and bring a new sense of style to my space! 

The first thing I started with was these recycled vintage jewellery/ memo boards which I made out of some old frames I had...

Similarly I saw this idea in a magazine and thought I would give it a go! Basically they are recycled bottles that I have filled with left over paint and poured out any excess. Simple but the effect is great!

The new pin boards (and some new blackboards I made too) taking pride of place on the shop shelf...

My new 'crafty' companion Love poppy designs helping me fill up my space!

Each one intricately hand cut! Perfect for a little girls room... 
mmm makes be a little broody!

My new shelves full of goodies courtesy of Gaz (Originally made from an old bed!)

Been keeping busy making cushions and revamping old pieced or furniture...
This wicker storage chair was given to me for free from a local charity shop! Now look at it!

 My new type writer design showing off next to my jam jar vases, and my new revamped pine dolly trolley that I found quite hard to let go of!

Some of Love Poppy's handcut cards! Lovely for putting in frames too!

And she also does these lovely vintage cards and wedding invitations too- whoop!

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  1. All looks amazing! I'm going to have to come and visit again now, so many new things!