Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 so far...

2013 seems to be an unusual year so far- many odd things have been occuring... some not so good but some great! 
Here is my year so far summed up in a few pics (on my new camera of course!)

Christmas day with lola and her new bone, and Gaz with his new years resolution not going so well!

 Our first ever party in our new home (new years eve non the less!)
Although that house wasn't QUITE finished in time (you may well notice!) We made the best of it and I took some quick pics before everyone came and the magic juice took it's toll!

We have spent the first part of the year re arranging The Emporium to get it looking a bit more spanking! We have new mannequins and everything! After all the hard work, the fun bits make it all worthwhile...

Thats all for now! More pics of my own new stock coming soon!

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