Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Today's the day...

It has been a super week this week, Lots of commissions on the go and making stock for some fabulous places!

We even have been informed of some more exciting news with regards to The Hairy Bikers (see previous posts from last year!)
And this may be kick starting today at our weekly Meals on Wheels... 

So all in all lots to do, places to go and people to see... Which may perhaps make one dither about if there head isn't screwed on, but not me! According to my diary, Today is the day when everything goes swimmingly! And who can argue with that?
After all it is a Wednesday, and everyone knows Wednesdays are magic :)

(For the love of God and Blogger, I don't know why this is green... It is blue really- Why does it do this! 
It does not help my mantra for the day!) haha :)

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