Friday, 19 April 2013

Make + MADE

Finally managed to get my new stock down to the lovely Make + MADE in Sheffield centre today...
It was quite a journey trying to maneuver my around the city streets but I somehow managed to get there in the end- phew!

This cute little shop of goodies (which used to be a bead shop named Jam Jar Beads up until recently!) Is now ran by a couple of groovy ladies, one of which is lovely Yvonne :)

 Ooooh theres nothing sexier then a bit of stationary...

Love these crocheted animal heads- super cute!

Lots of crafty, creative things to make and do (my kind of shop!)

I have my eye on that lamp... AND this cloud is made for me!

So as you can see a lovely lovely shop indeed! 
If you are ever down that way it is well worth a visit, and we spoke today of them hoping to start doing workshops and fairs etc so it's bound to go from strength to strength!

As for me... it's time for a bath and a bit of chillaxing after a rather manic day!

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