Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Route one! The Californian sunshine Coast...

The next part of our USA journey was the bit I was most looking forward to... The Californian Coast Roadtrip!

So after picking up our rental car (a brand new Cadillac none the less!) from San Francisco centre... we set of down Route 1 in search of some sea air :)

We hadn't even been going long when we spotted a cute little farmers market going on at one of the villages on the side of the road... so we stopped off to explore and that's when I came across this gorgeous vintage and handmade shop called Ressurected boutique filled with super lovely goodies!
But this was just the beginning of all the beautiful places and quirky shops that were to be seen on this trip...

Our next stop was supposed to be Santa cruz, but after we got there quite late on in the evening, we decided to just pull into a best western for the night and chill out.
The next morning we had to head off straight away to get as much in as possible for the day, and by gum did we find some even more fabulous places...
First we hit Monterey and stopped off for a quick iced tea at a wonderfully quirky and super friendly cafe named Lou Lou's... it was a very pretty town from what we saw- but we were on a time limit so it was back on the road and on to the next place...

From Monterey there was a '17 mile drive' which you could pay $10 to go on which took you around a scenic part of the coast... so of course we went down it and so glad we did too! It took us through the most beautiful coastline, through a place called Pebble beach and straight to the next village on a journey... Carmel-on-Sea

Carmel is such an adorable village- all the buildings are adorable and there are so many cute caf├ęs, restaurants and shops to work your way around.
Apparently Clint Eastwood used to be Mayor here and still owns a restaurant and hotel where you can sometimes find him there playing the piano some nights! 
Similarly Doris day has a hotel here too (these gorgeous tiled steps are actually from her reception...) and we were very close to staying in it but we came across another equally gorgeous one that had a lighthouse theme and I was sold...

The lamp lighter inn is a gorgeous beach themed hotel with super pretty cabin style hotel rooms and lodges (which is what we stayed in!)
 I got to sleep in my own little bed nook which you had to crouch down to walk into... and there was even a handmade fireplace for those wintery seasons down here (if there are any!)... can u tell that I loved it?
At 5-6pm everyday they serve cheese and wine by the fire pit in the courtyard, and the breakfast every morning is the same meaning you can sit and chat by the fire to other travellers with a muffin in one hand and a coffee in the other- totally lovely :)

The next day we picked up and set sail towards The Big Sur which is supposed to to be one of the most beautiful sights in America... and I can see why!  
We were instantly hit with the most beautiful coastal scenes ive ever come across!

These views plus a bit of soft American country music on the radio meant you couldn't help but be inspired! 
So in the extra driving time we had on the journey (which to be fair there was quite a lot of...) I managed to get some doodles in for design ideas when I get back home (before I got too car sick!)

On the way we had to do a fair few stop offs for loo breaks- and one time I happened to find this written on the back of one of the toilet doors... it was so fitting I had to just share it! It was the perfect sentence to describe the trip completely. ..

Totally beautiful.... (and by that I mean the sea views- not me doing my dog impression!)

Definitely one of the best things I've ever seen... I feel so lucky to have been able to do any of this trip so far! And we are still only half way!
Next stop we are off to a cute little village named Ojai to take part in a super duper workshop with a super duper lady... so will fill you in in that for sure!
But for now I am off to get some well needed zzz's
Au revoir!

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