Thursday, 19 September 2013

San Francisco... the city of hills!

After our fabulous trip in New York had come to a sad end... we hopped onto a 6 hour internal flight to San Francisco! 
Ive never been to California before so this part of the holiday super excited me...

We decided to stay at Fisherman's Warf which is the coastal part of the city, known for its amazingly fresh sea food, sea lions and breezy sea winds (and breezy they are!) 

We only got to stay here for a couple of days as we were set to start our road trip to San Diego soon... but to be honest a couple of days was just enough time for us to see the seaside sights :D

On our first day (after a totally scrumptious breakfast of granola, yoghurt and fresh cinnamon toast at the most amazing bakery called Boudin...) We tried to head to the pier to hop on a boat to Alcatraz... turns out we were a bit naive in thinking it was that easy- It is after all one of San Francisco's main attractions! 
So after skipping up to the booking desk- all merry and hyped up off granola and STRONG coffee- and being told the next free trip was next month... needless to say we were gutted! That was one trip I really was looking forward to....
Still as one door closes, another opens and we spent the day exploring the city by foot instead!

 Whilst exploring, we ended up casually coming across some stairs we decided to climb...(which turned out to be LOTS of stairs that never seemed to end!) At the top of these steps ended up being Coit tower which is a tall light-house like building which overlooks the whole of San Francisco at a 360 degree angle- it was amazing being able to see the entire skyline... and Alcatraz too (at least we got to see it a little bit!)

We then headed up through China town and towards Union Square- which although is very lovely, is just like any City really with its big shops and cafe's. Still we walked it all and then back towards the coast again with The Goldengate Bridge in sight... 

4 miles later we just about made it to the bridge! You can get bikes to make this journey a bit quicker, but it was such a lovely walk along the coast... walking seemed fine at the time (though my blisters have since proved me wrong on that!)
After finally getting on the bridge- I had a sudden realisation that I had to face my fear of heights... again! (Why is everything in America so tall?!)
So after clutching to the inside handle rail (the rail AWAY from the edge...) for most of the journey- getting in everyone's way... we only made it to the first post, But coincidentally that was just enough for me anyway! 

So we jumped on the next bus and went back to the Warf for one last Clam Chowder (so yummy) before passing out in our hotel... 10 miles walking and too many tall things can take it's toll on a girl! 

The next day we went back to Union Square to be reunited with my sister, her boyfriend and our family friends (who happen to be in the California for their jollies too!) So we had a few mint teas and  lapped up a bit of sunshine with them before we had to set off again to pick up our rental car and begin the part if our next journey... road tripping it down Route 1 and along the Coastline to San Diego!
Phew... hopefully I might get a bit more rest on this part if the trip- then again maybe not!

Will let you know how it goes... (If I don't suddenly decide to drop everything and fulfil my life long dream of becoming a famous California surfer babe that is!) Hmmm me thinks perhaps not!
Speak then you groovy lot :D

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