Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New York Continued...

On our 3rd day in New York, we decided to head out to the coastal side and go see the loveliness that is The Statue of Liberty... (You have to don't you!)

I have to admit she was smaller then I expected... but she is still one cracking sized lady! And the views from the boat of New York where incredible!

On the way back into the centre, we decided to stop off at ground zero... a decision I originally was unsure of because I thought- given the context- that it might not be the most uplifting place... turns out I was completely wrong and I am SO glad I went in! Not only was it really interesting,  it was really rather beautiful and the effort the people behind the scenes have gone to for the people who died in 9/11 was really inspiring... like these white roses for instance, which they place on the names of those who's birthday it would have been on that day... 

Carrying on from there we took ourselves (and our aching feet) up towards Soho and Little Italy... which by a nice coincidence happened to be the holding place for a fantastic food event for the next 2 weeks! Everything was completely rammed with people and smelt like burnt corn and pretzels... it was awesome!

To finish off the night we had booked ourselves some tickets for Matilda on Broadway (well it would be rude not to!)
...$14 for a tiny cup of wine- each! But it was worth it! The songs were all written by Tim Minchen... and the choreography was on another level! Seriously amazing... I laughed so hard!

On the final day we decided to take it slightly easier and just go to the main art museum and then hang around Central park and Central Park Zoo... little did we know, however that Sunday's in the park were open to a whole host of talented New York folk dancing, singing and roller-blading all over the show! Not to mention the size of the Art museum with its many floors and serious art pieces... 10 hours later and our feet are literally worn down to nubs... but it was very worth it- a perfect end to a great city...

Next stop we are off to San Francisco for a couple of days before getting in our hire car and heading down the coast for a week towards L.A... shall definitely be taking some pictures there so will update you any free chance I get :D

Hope your having a great Monday!

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