Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rain rain go away...

Whilst the weather has been so up and down, I have found that on those glum days I like to spend my time experimenting and making new cushion covers (whilst also trying to finish my book- nearly there dammit!)

Anyway it seems that cushions are the new sliced bread, because people are snapping them up like nobody's business! And I have to thank everybody here for there interest, and 'digging' what I do :) As I really love seeing my creations go to a good home!

It is on those lovely sunny (but rare) days when I can manage to parade them out in the sunshine and take some pictures (whilst, you know, fitting in a cider or two as well- this sewing business is hard work you know!) 

So anyway I shall keep on designing and making with the hope of creating the best cushion in the universe... but in the mean time here are some pics for your peepers :)

Smaller size Home Tweet Home (With patterned back)

Oooooo long one!

With paisley design back!

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