Sunday, 12 August 2012

And the Winner is...

Thank you all who took part in my giveaway! I really do appreciate it with all my heart!

So just solely for your lovely efforts, I have decided to chose the winners today!

So in 1st place (and the winner of one of my prints) is the lady named: mademoiselle minny! 
(So feel free to choose one of my 'Be happy' prints!)

and in 2nd place (and the winner of the Ma Bicyclette rabbit print) is: Jane Courtman!

(I will also share this on Facebook and twitter too, to make sure you both know! And if you want to facebook message/ email me your addresses I will send them out to you ASAP!)

Once again thankyooooou for being such ace and brilliant people! And I hope this prize will help make your Sunday afternoon a good one :)

Steph x

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