Friday, 10 August 2012

Shiny happy cushions...

I cannot tell you how mental it has been over here recently (I seem to say that with every post I do- but it's true!)

However in the midst of all the madness I have managed to come up with a few new designs for my cushions! (Well they aren't exactly new designs, just my original ones in new form!)

Anyhoo here is a couple of pictures I managed to cram in before I take them all to a new Gallery opening in Uppermill tomorrow (more on that tomorrow too!)

So firstly we have my 'love bird' as I like to call him! This one is printed on white cotton with a matching envelope back. And the cushion itself is 50x50cm, so perfect for a big throw pillow!

And my next one is the same size (50x50cm) and same cotton fabric but has a co-ordinating light brown cotton envelope back!
(I have always loved my little trees design so it is lovely to see it on some fabric!)

Anyhoo there is definitely more cushions in the pipeline- and my sewing skills have improved a VAST amount! So I seriously feel I am finally getting somewhere :)

See you 2moro kids!

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