Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Eat Pray Create...

I have just been having a glance at my Etsy 'favourites' and thought I should give this one a mention as I forgot how much I loved it!

I came across Eat Pray Create randomly whilst I was looking up the idea of custom made stamps for my business. But then I found there was so much more to explore too!

Not only do they do these cute hand cut stamps (how fab is this bike one for Ma Bicyclette) They also apparently have a whole other shop called Floret that is dedicated to Letterpress and stationary, like this lovely card set here...

But it doesn't stop there, I have also come across 2 wonderful and inspiring blogs (one of which I think is old and the other new!) Which has brilliant crafty tutorials like this rubber stamp making one...

They are both run, I believe, by a lady names Minna May who is the brains behind the whole operation! She is a stamp maker, jolly good doodler and also a lovely little jewellery maker (which brings me onto my next point...)

Yes there is jewellery too! And beautiful jewellery at that! I love simple, long lasting and elegant designs and this is exactly what these are! 

The shop goes under the name Minco and I am totally in love with these fabulous braided friendship bracelets ( I have a thing for frienship bracelets!)

And I also absolutely adore the necklaces, the colours specifically are just so sweet! 
I definitely think a purchase will be in order soon, from what shop though I don't know! There is just too much to choose from, and I wish Minna May the best of luck with her lovely businesses :)

And now it's definitely bed time...

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