Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Brick by brick, cushion by cushion...

As promised I have started taking pictures of our new digs since we have finally moved in (Wohoo!)
There is still a fair bit to go (we still don't have hot water, heating or a kitchen!) But we are happy to live like this for a while if it means the perfect handmade home by Christmas time!

The bedroom was the first thing to be ready (ish) just missing some lampshades and some paint for the side drawers!(Gaz here just enjoying the new clean sheets- it's the little things in life hey!)

I am in love with our new paisley bird blinds, they are just so nice to wake up to in the morning!

Here is one of our skip doors all done up nice (we found 5 in a skip for free!) 
And a little experimenting with paint colours for the side drawers (I like the dark grey the best- it's all manly!)

Here is Gaz hand routing the underfloor heating in...
And the new floor finally gets put down in the living room! (It's all dark and cosy- I love it!)

Gaz's fireplace master piece finally gets a lick of paint (We couldn't decide between 'Green tea' or 'Early Grey,' but we went with the Grey in the end because it looks ace with Gaz's hand sanded beam (Another freebie!)

We have yet to get some proper 'snuggling' furniture, but to be honest I love our mis-matched tweed couch/ rocking chair combo. The rocking chair is actually my new favourite place to do work!
(The pick on the right is the view from the Mezzanine!)

The bathroom still needs a bit of work, but it is coming on lovely! I just can't wait to have my first soak in that bath...

And we finally have a working toilet! I cannot tell you how happy I was when this was plumbed in...

 I blooming love this sink (yet another freebie!) But as they say the best things in life are free, and this is totally one of them!

My new studio space!!!

Still needs some organising (and a bigger desk maybe) but I can finally get back to doing some serious work again!

I didn't want to hammer too many nails into the wall yet, so I just hung up a few notice boards and absolutely filled them chock a block with ideas and inspiration (some would say too much perhaps!)

I absolutely love all my new storage! Especially my big cupboard that is pretty much a separate room but still doesn't manage to fit all of my stuff in! (And believe it or not I have downsized- Alot!)
Everything now just makes my working/ crafting life so much easier- I even have drying racks for my bags when I make them! 

I can't wait to properly settle in and start making the big decisions... like where my artwork will go!

Keep you updated :)

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